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Enrolment for Humak´s Campusonline courses. Humak students can enroll in Peppi, please don´t use this form to enroll. You can find the right course with the course code.

Your Finnish personal identity code / date of birth is needed for student management.

The courses are 100% online on Hoodle. We will e-mail you information about how to access the courses after the enrolment ends.

For further information about the enrolment please contact If have any questions about the course, please contact the teacher.
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Please check that your email address is correct. You will receive a confirmation of registration in the e-mail you provided here, as well as instructions for completing the courses after the registration period.
We will send a confirmation email about the registration to the e-mail address you provided and, after the registration period, instructions for completing the courses.

Please check that your e-mail address is correct and that you have provided the e-mail address provided to you by your university of applied sciences, we will not process other registrations.